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Mental Health Counselor
Fairfax, VA | Camillus, NY
Welcome, I am a Mental Health Counselor that practices in Virginia and New York virtually from your smart device or computer. My focus in treatment is practicing Self Compassion, which allows us to support ourselves even through the most difficult of circumstances. My hope is to help you make m...

Next Availability: Tuesday, 07/05

Behavioral health therapy
Manassas, VA
I am a resident in counseling with over eight years of experience working with people from diverse backgrounds in a variety of environments. I work with individuals, families, and couples to provide help coping with the stresses of everyday life as well as crisis situations. My background is in ...

Next Availability: Sunday, 07/03

I believe that all people need connection and to feel belonging. We wish to be at peace with ourselves and want to feel secure in our relationships. However, sometimes unexpected life experiences, and how we make sense of them, may get in our way of true fulfillment. Whether you may be dealing wi...

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Behavioral Health Therapist
Marlton, NJ | Norfolk, VA
I am a Faith Base Counselor that offers hope through God's grace to diverse individuals who are going through a dark season of life. I am passionate for individuals that may feel they have been rejected by God because of the treatment they received from their faith and social communities.

Next Availability: Monday, 07/04

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
My name is Dr. Robin. I'm a licensed clinical psychologist who's committed to helping you live well. My work focuses on targeting negative thought patterns that affect mood and behavior. Believe it or not, mindset matters! If you're tired of life "as is," schedule an appointment with me. I lo...

Next Availability: Monday, 07/04

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Springfield, VA
I believe the relationship between the client and therapist is the most significant agent of change. As your therapist, I will strive to gain your trust by being authentic, nonjudgmental, transparent, and supportive. If there is something I’m not understanding or ‘getting’, I take the time to wor...

Next Availability: Monday, 07/11

Licensed Clinical Psychologist (VA, MO, & PsyPa...
Lexington, VA
Individual Psychotherapy Individual psychotherapy can be incredibly healing and growth promoting. Meeting the client where they are emotionally is key to the start of a healthy relationship. Dr. Kelland focuses on building a relationship of trust and love that supplies the support and connectio...

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Discover who you truly are, and live free
Richmond, VA
Discover who you truly are, and live free. Do you feel like you are never good enough and your life isn't your own? At A Talented Mind Clinic, I help you go from feeling defeated, misunderstood, and alone to feeling successful, appreciated, balanced, and free. As an cognitive performance the...

Next Availability: Monday, 07/04

I am an understanding therapist who creates a safe nonjudgmental environment where you can easily express your needs and concerns. I focus on helping you recognize that you are not alone in your struggles, we all have areas in our lives that need support, and I offer you tools to help you overcom...

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Behavioral health therapy
Glen Allen, VA
Domonique Wilson is a Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC in Virginia. She has over 10+ years’ experience in the field of human service. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from VCU in 2009 and obtained her master’s degree in 2016. Domonique has experience in a variety of community...

Next Availability: Monday, 07/04

What does loneliness do to a person?

In addition to having adverse effects on one’s mental and emotional health, loneliness can have a serious negative impact on a person’s physical health. Like other experiences that create stress, loneliness can actually make you sick...

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