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Behavioral Health Therapist
Provo, UT
As a positive psychologist and counselor, I believe in focusing on human strengths instead of pathology. I strive to help every individual see themselves in a more positive light, enhance their well-being, and live life to the fullest." Dr. Trish received her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from...

Next Availability: Tuesday, 06/07

Behavioral Health Therapist
Chris is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. He graduated with degrees in Psychology and Social Work and is pursuing a Doctorate from Arizona State University in Behavioral Health. He's been working in the field of mental health treatment for more than 16 years. Chris is the founder of Hobble Cree...

Next Availability: Thursday, 06/09

Behavioral Health Therapist
St. George, UT
Facing your challenges can feel overwhelming at times. Overwhelming depression or anxiety can get in the way of doing what you want and enjoy. Disordered eating can create a sense of helplessness. Trauma memories or constant stress might impact your relationships and normal life function. If this...

Next Availability: Tuesday, 05/24

Lehi, UT
Aimee has a Master of Arts Degree in Mental Health Counseling and a Master of Science Degree in Administration and Supervision from Gallaudet University in Washington, DC. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Utah State University. Aimee is skilled in American Sign Language (ASL...

Next Availability: Tuesday, 06/07

Riverton, UT
Hi, my name is Scott Frazier, and I am an Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor (ACMHC) at Aspire Psychological, practicing under the supervision of Cindy Chia. Since I started pursuing my mental health career in 2007, I have had the privilege to treat adolescents, adults, couples and famil...

Orem, UT
My 12 years in the mental health field has exposed me to a variety of challenges from deescalating unsafe situations to mediating complex relationship barriers. In my experience trauma, depression, anxiety, family/spouse conflict, and addiction can all create a sense of feeling stuck, unfulfilled...

Next Availability: Wednesday, 05/25

Riverton, UT
Stop hurting. Sometimes, we hurt so much and for so long that we forget what true happiness feels like. We all try to navigate life the best that we can. We all try to find that glimpse of hope every morning. Yet, sometimes it just feels impossible to know exactly what we are holding on to. This...

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Taylorsville, UT
I cannot promise you that your suffering will magically be lifted off your shoulders after our first meeting . . . But what I can promise you, is that you have a strength within you that you are not seeing right now. While some of those challenges might never go away completely, they do not have ...

Next Availability: Monday, 05/30

Behavioral Health Therapist
Taylorsville, UT | Orem, UT
Our experience enables us to offer effective outpatient, individualized, psychological care. We treat a number of mental health disorders, and provide a safe place for individuals, families, and couples to work through problems or difficulties.

Behavioral health therapy
Riverton, UT
I am devoted to helping clients find their authentic selves and cultivate strong loving relationships. I believe that life is to be a positive journey but it gets hinder by life struggles. Let me help you through these barriers and live a more fulfilling life.

No availability for new clients

What is trauma for a child?

Child trauma is typically caused by an emotionally distressing and painful event, sometimes resulting in long-term physical and psychological effects. For a child, traumatic experiences can be scary, violent, or dangerous events that threaten to (or do) cause them or a loved one physical and mental harm or death...

Does Anthem cover therapy?

Yes, nearly all Anthem insurance plans cover therapy. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), mental and behavioral health treatment must be covered as essential health benefits. These include counseling and therapy, as well as inpatient mental and behavioral health care and substance abuse treatment...

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