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Licensed Master Social Worker
Anxiety, Depression, and more
Licensed Master Social Worker offering teletherapy for young adults/adults coping with anxiety, depression, life transitions and relationships. Therapy is a necessity in the world we are living in today. There are many new aspects of life to navigate, but you don’t have to do it alone. I will be...

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Schnabolk LCSW, LLC We've used a trusted third-party service to verify this practitioner's license.

Clinical Psychotherapist
Chester, NJ
Anxiety, Depression, and more
Cheryl Schnabolk is a licensed clinical therapist with 12 years of experience working with teens, adults, families, and couples. She believes in creating a unique and tailor made therapeutic approach for all clients. She provides a warm, empathetic, and a safe environment to work through life’s c...

Next Availability: Thursday, 08/11

Garden City, NY
Anxiety, Depression, and more
As a compassionate and culturally competent therapist, I want to work with you to empower yourself and create positive changes in your life. I specialize in working with individuals 19 years old and up in the New York area experiencing anxiety, and depression, exploring their cultural identity, w...

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Clinical Psychologist, Parenting Coach
Pelham, NY
Parenting, Attachment Issues, and more
As a licensed clinical psychologist, I specialize in psychodynamic and relationship-based approaches to working with young adults, adults, parents, and families. I am passionate about helping individuals and families develop deeper, more meaningful connections within themselves and with others,...

Next Availability: Friday, 08/12

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Staten Island, NY
Anxiety, Depression, and more
In my practice, I primarily work with adults to help them with a wide array of issues that can include anxiety disorders, depression, self-esteem, trauma and relationship problems. Working with a trusted practitioner can help in gaining insight to depression/anxiety and the overall up's and down...

Next Availability: Thursday, 08/11

Bohemia, NY
Anxiety, Depression, and more
I believe that everyone`s story and experience is unique. My goal is to allow you to openly share your stressors, gain awareness, and assist you in building the confidence to find the solutions to your struggles. I will work with you to explore your thought process and emotional patterns by using...

Next Availability: Friday, 08/12

Anxiety, Depression, and more
Most of my clients have had difficult early childhood experiences or have always felt different from family and friends. Clients also come to me when they feel guilty, even when rationally they know they don't have to feel that way. They also have conflicting feelings when putting themselves firs...

Next Availability: Friday, 08/12

Pre-Licensed Mental Health Counseling Intern
Greenlawn, NY
Anxiety, Depression, and more
I believe that the most important ingredient for growth is an open, trusting, healthy therapeutic relationship. Therapy that combines compassion, support, and insight can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, others, and your relationships. We are all interpreting our worlds from a un...

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Cristina Shea, LMSW We've used a trusted third-party service to verify this practitioner's license.

New York, NY | Brooklyn, NY | Center Moriches, NY
Anxiety, Child or Adolescent, and more
Therapy is a space to discover yourself and your values, needs, and desires for what you want your life to be. Together, we will create a brave space to challenge previously held beliefs about yourself, your relationships, and your place in this world. I primarily focus on working with children, ...

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Psychotherapist, LCSW
Montclair, NJ
Anxiety, Depression, and more
I create a safe and inviting space to help you or your loved one take the first steps in opening up, and from opening up we begin to look at what is behind the troubles or feeling “stuck” and from there we create goals and plans to move forward. I work with teenagers and adults who struggle with ...

What is separation anxiety in adults?

Separation anxiety in adults is when a person fears being separated from a specific person (or persons). However, it doesn't always have to be people that a person fears being separated from as some adults have separation anxiety when they are separated from a pet...

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New York, NY Brooklyn, NY

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