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Behavioral health therapy
Naperville, IL | Orland Park, IL
Dr. Mary Ann Andrade-Bekker is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. She received her Master of Arts in Counseling and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the Adler School of Professional Psychology. She provides individual and group therapeutic services to late elementary children, pre-tee...

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Chicago, IL
My clients seek to understand and accept themselves and their life experiences. Together we will explore how your past is impacting your present, so you can ultimately move toward a better future. I work with individuals, couples and families from an attachment and systems perspective, knowing w...

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Behavioral health therapy
Lake Forest, IL
We are all going through different phases in life. Sometimes it's difficult to adjust to these different phases that we go through. Maybe the transition to a particular stage of life is hard for you; or maybe your phase is that you are trying to learn how to create your new life after the loss of...

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Coupled and Family Therapy Intern
Chicago, IL
I have a sex positive, humanistic and warm approach, and want to create an environment where you feel safe to be vulnerable, wrong, or less than perfect. My specific interests lie within trauma therapy, coping with anxiety, parenting and, most of all, couple relationships.

Next Availability: Friday, 01/21

Lombard, IL
Hello, I am a licensed clinical therapist with over 18 years experience. I enjoy working with men and women from young adulthood to seniors. I am passionate about helping my clients address and manage their mental health concerns to live their best life. I have open appointments for new client vi...

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Bloomingdale, IL
Hello! Counseling is my passion and I could not be happier in doing the work I do. I feel I did not choose to be a therapist, but that therapy was something that came naturally. I followed my instincts and honed my skills to be a better listener and guide for anyone trying to gain introspection t...

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Behavioral health therapy
Aurora, IL
Led by compassion and curiosity, I see people, not problems. My practice style is client-led, culturally humble, trauma-informed, sex-positive, kink aware, LGBTQIA+ affirming, and social justice-oriented. I believe we live our best lives when we are seen, heard, and met with empathy, free of judg...

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The Millennial Therapist
Arlington Heights, IL
Specializes in care for millennial young adults , and adolescents, with a progressive and holistic approach to mental health treatment. Offers affordable payment options for Therapy and Telehealth Therapy.

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Avon, CT | St. Petersburg, FL | Swansboro, NC (+6 more)
Ugh... just ugh. Do you ever feel as if you're letting life pass you by? Like those around you seem to be living their best lives, but somehow you just can't get there (and predict yet another Netflix binge on the horizon as a flimsy attempt to bury those feelings)? I get it. Virtual counseling c...

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Victoria Hazell is a graduate from Adler University who studied Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Prior to obtaining her Masters degree she studied Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies. She has a lifelong passion for social justice which she incorporates in her counseling. She is dedicated to ad...

Next Availability: Saturday, 01/22

What is trauma for a child?

Child trauma is typically caused by an emotionally distressing and painful event, sometimes resulting in long-term physical and psychological effects. For a child, traumatic experiences can be scary, violent, or dangerous events that threaten to (or do) cause them or a loved one physical and mental harm or death....

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Chicago, IL

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