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Ashburn, VA
I’m a relational trauma expert committed to helping individuals and couples to learn how to build True-Self connections with themselves and with others. I work with a broad spectrum of clients. Among my areas of expertise are Relational issues, Infidelity, Betrayal-trauma, Love addiction & Love...

LPC Resident
Herndon, VA
We are all born with a clean sheet of smooth paper. Everyday we wander through life making decisions and experiencing different events. With each new twist and turn our paper becomes a bit more crumbled. No matter how hard we try, our paper will never be as smooth as it once was. Now imagine your...

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Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Lansdowne, VA | Middleburg, VA
I received my doctorate in clinical psychology, with a concentration in couples and family therapy, from Yeshiva University in New York City. During my time in New York, I served as an intern at the United Nations for the American Psychological Association (APA) and learned about mental health c...

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Mental Health Therapist
Washington, DC
Iyamide House is the Owner of Sabanoh Mental Health. Sabanoh is a practice dedicated to women who need an ear, an objective voice, and a place where they can truly be themselves, in a judgement free zone. Our goal is to help women find peace and balance so they can be their best selves. Sabanoh w...

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Marriage and Family Therapist
El Paso, TX | Alexandria, VA
Whether you are married, single, divorced or in a relationship, my goal is to help you and your family cultivate love. Sometimes, it may involve overcoming previous wounds, rebuilding trust, regaining hope, modifying or practicing boundaries. I am here to walk alongside you. If you are new to th...

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Philadelphia, PA | Ardmore, PA | Cherry Hill, NJ (+1 more)
I truly love people. Even their messy parts. Maybe even especially their messy parts! I think that the most rewarding aspects of life come from digging under the clutter and finding hidden treasures. In the mess is where our creativity and resourcefulness live, it’s where we develop deep wisd...

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Fairfax, VA | McLean, VA
At Simply Mindful Solutions, we believe in the importance of a strong therapeutic relationship. When someone chooses to walk in the door to begin their healing journey, it’s an honor that their trust has been placed in us to begin that journey with them.

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Fairfax, VA
Dr. Sohn has 33 plus years of field experience in individual psychotherapy and marriage/family therapy, "My goal is to help my clients achieve holistic health by assisting in his/her effort for physical, psychological, social, and spiritual health." Dr. Sohn has been a registered and board appr...

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Burtonsville, MD | Bethesda, MD | Potomac, MD (+1 more)
I am a licensed (clinical) marriage and family therapist in Maryland (LCM754) and California (LMFT 111604). I have a PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy, and have been counseling individuals, couples, families and groups since 2007. I am passionate about whole-person healing, involving all parts o...

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I believe mental health care is not a one size fits all dynamic because people are individualized and the healing process is not linear. In my scope of practice, I treat mental health is just like physical health. It can deteriorate, ache, and cause challenges in the same way physical health can....

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How do you resolve family conflict?

Family conflict can be resolved in a few different ways. First, minor conflicts can be resolved by improving communication among all family members. It's important to let each member of the family speak their mind when a conflict arises, no matter how small the conflict may seem. Ensuring that all parties feel listened to can help alleviate some sources of conflict. When everyone has a voice and the opportunity to let their opinion be heard, it's easier to work through conflict and understand different perspectives....

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