What is Monarch?

Monarch is an online network that’s reimagining how therapists connect with therapy seekers. Plus, it’s completely integrated with SimplePractice—the leading practice management software for private practitioners. Monarch simplifies how therapists connect with prospective clients while helping them maintain a cohesive online presence. Plus, it emphasizes what makes a practitioner’s practice unique, so they can connect with the clients they can serve best. Because both therapists and therapy seekers deserve less barriers.

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What does the name Monarch represent?

Butterflies have long been a symbol of transformation, and also of Psyche, the guardian of the soul in Greek mythology. Given that our parent company SimplePractice has used the butterfly for its transformational connotations, we felt it important to reference both our roots and the beauty and power that the butterfly, and its unique lifecycle, represents.

Across many cultures, the monarch’s bold, bright appearance has long signaled the return of a soul to its familial home. The monarch’s journey is ultimately a defining part of its existence. To us, the journey to improved mental health bears a resemblance to the monarch’s journey. Therapy can be a key to deep soul transformation and reminder that brighter days are always ahead.

Why should I list on Monarch?

Monarch was designed for ease and simplicity—because it shouldn’t be expensive or a hassle to enhance your online presence. What sets Monarch apart from other directory services is its integration with SimplePractice, which simplifies your practice's needs by integrating your online presence with your SimplePractice account. And it allows prospective therapy seekers to look at your availability online and request an appointment on their time. This reduces a barrier they face to finding care, while leaving you in control of your schedule.

This online network doesn’t have any expensive “membership fees” or exclusive application process. Monarch is included with a SimplePractice Professional Plan account, sign up for a free trial to join Monarch.

Who can list on Monarch?

Monarch supports behavioral health therapists—including social workers, marriage and family therapists, mental health counselors, psychologists—and substance use disorder counselors. Pre-licensed clinicians may also be listed.

How does Monarch work?

Your Monarch profile is managed from your SimplePractice account. This is where you’ll enter your profile details —information like profile picture, bio, insurance and fees, clients served, and more—and is where you will set your availability if you choose to enable Online Booking. Your SimplePractice account also allows you to take advantage of other helpful features like an easy-to-use Professional Website and HIPAA-compliant Telehealth.

Check out our blog for tips on writing a great bio.

How much does it cost to list on Monarch?

For the remainder of 2021, Monarch is included at no extra cost with your SimplePractice Professional Plan account.

In what order are profiles displayed?

Monarch’s mission is twofold—creating an optimal experience for people seeking mental health resources and support while giving every therapist a fair chance to attract new clients.

We leverage an ever-evolving algorithm to ensure fairness in how therapist profiles are displayed on the Monarch network. In addition to factors like profile completeness, therapist availability, and location, the algorithm also accounts for randomization to ensure similar profiles are weighted and displayed equally.

Check out our help center article for tips to optimize your profile!

Interested in more resources?

We have a number of helpful resources available to therapists in our network.

  1. Pollen, SimplePractice’s online magazine
  2. SimplePractice Learning for extended CEs
  3. The SimplePractice Resource page

Still have questions?

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