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Sebastopol, CA
I provide a service that puts my clients at ease while allowing them to challenge themselves, in order to grow. My background includes providing mental health care to youth, adults, couples and families. I provide an authentic, caring, and transparent therapeutic style to my clients.

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Psy. D.
San Leandro, CA
My calling to the field started as a burning desire to serve others so that they could live authentically and find deep fulfillment. In helping others, I have been humbled by my clients' lives, their resilience, and most importantly, the ability to relinquish the idea of a better past so that the...

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Behavioral Health Therapist
Napa, CA | Chicago, IL
Finding the right counselor is like dating--you have to have chemistry, and someone you just "click" with. Building a solid, trusting, professional relationship is key, and I take great pleasure and pride in forming these connections with my clients. Whether you are dealing with a major traumatic...

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Berkeley, CA | Castro Valley, CA
I specialize in working with people (adults , kids, and teens) who are grappling with their "differentness." This includes people who are autistic, disabled, or neurodivergent; from various family configurations; who are exploring identity; who are grieving, holding trauma, socially shy, or artis...

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Oakland, CA
I'm Nicole! I've worked in mental health for over 13 years in various settings. My areas of focus are anxiety, childhood and adult trauma, somatic healing, mindfulness, and anti-oppressive practice. My work focuses on decolonizing and destigmatizing mental health care in communities of color. I a...

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Berkeley, CA
The purpose of psychotherapy is to have a genuine encounter with your mind. Not to become lost in stories about the past, but to see the richness of your life—the happiness and the suffering—as a wealth of symbolic information that is, and has always been pointing towards your wholeness. A funda...

Concord, CA
Welcome! I am a California licensed psychologist serving individuals in the East Bay. I would be honored to journey with you through the various challenges that life brings. ​Together we will create a safe space where you feel seen and heard and venture into the difficult places that stunt growt...

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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Castro Valley, CA
Welcome! I am so glad you are here. You may currently be dealing with difficult life circumstances that may be causing you immense pain and distress. It takes courage and strength to seek help and support. You do not need to walk through this journey alone. Psychotherapy is a safe and ...

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Registered Psychological Assistant
San Leandro, CA
Dr. Chris Willard is passionate about working with people of all ages and from all backgrounds. He works from an integrative orientation, heavily influenced by contemporary psychoanalysis and third wave cognitive behavioral therapy. His goal is to promote subjective well-being and self-actualiz...

Behavioral Health Therapist
Santa Rosa, CA
As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over fifteen years in the field, I specialize in creating a safe and comfortable environment where we can explore ways to help you achieve your goals. I have joined with hundreds of people over the years to help them reduce symptoms of depression and anxi...

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What is trauma for a child?

Child trauma is typically caused by an emotionally distressing and painful event, sometimes resulting in long-term physical and psychological effects. For a child, traumatic experiences can be scary, violent, or dangerous events that threaten to (or do) cause them or a loved one physical and mental harm or death....

Does Beacon cover therapy?

Yes, nearly all Beaconinsurance plans cover therapy. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), mental and behavioral health treatment must be covered as essential health benefits. These include counseling and therapy, as well as inpatient mental and behavioral health care and substance abuse treatment....

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